normi™ advanced level 2 assessment

NORMI is introducing a much anticipated and requested course for those who completed CMA/MRSA training and want to gain CEUs and/or work toward a new and advanced assessment certification. This core 14 hour course will fulfill FL CEU requirements for MRSA or MRSR licensees. It is also the core requirement for a brand new NORMI certification. (Additional coursework required) Set yourself apart from the competition!

NORMI training has always emphasized the importance of understanding building science as a foundation for evaluating both residential and commercial buildings.  This course is a giant leap in that direction.  Take your assessment business to the next level toward a forensic evaluation.  This course will help you get there.

Topics include:

·        Advanced Assessment Process

·        Advanced Sampling and Sampling Strategies

·        HVAC Non-Invasive Microbial Investigations

·        Understanding Fundamental Building Science of Moisture Movement

·        New NORMI Professional Practices Updates

·        New Lab Interpretation Strategies

·        Detailed Lab Report reviews and analysis

·        New assessment and remediation innovations and tools

·        Interactive assessment process hands-on

14 Hours includes W/MI=4, M/MS=2, SOP=8