Water Restoration Technician PRo


5-day course

This course provides a dual certification for IICRC WRT and NORMI NCMR when the student takes both exams. The NORMI™ certificate is a national certification providing credibility in non-licensing states and meets the training requirements for licensing in Florida, Louisiana and the District of Columbia. Additional continuing education credits (CEUs) may be offered for modules of this training and may be supplied upon request to ACTIVE NORMI™ Members.

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Module 1 Basic Info - Categories and Classes

Module 2 Safety Equipment - Physical Extraction

Module 3 Evaporation and Dehumidification

Module 4 Temperature Control - Electrical Power

Module 5 Inspection Tools

Module 6 Drying Science - Psychrometry


Module 7 Monitoring and Documentation

Module 8 Finish Walls and Ceilings - Materials - Insulation

Module 9 Flooring (Soft Goods) - Material and Installation methods

Module 10 Strip Wood Flooring

Module 11 Subflooring and Substructure (Basements - Crawlspaces)

Module 12 Antimicrobial Biocides - Deodorization

Module 13 Laminate - Resilient Flooring

Module 14 Ceramic Tile Flooring


Module 15 In-Place Drying / HVAC

Module 16 Float Drying

Module 17 Contents / Personal Property

Module 18 Microorganisms

Module 19 Contaminated Buildings - Category 3

Module 20 Category 3 - Contents and LCCC - Mobile Homes

Module 21 Evaporation Potential (Reference)

IICRC-WRT Proctored Examination


Module 1 Introduction

Module 3 Health Concerns

Module 4-5 Regulations, Guidelines & Law

NORMI™ Professional Practices (Assessment and Remediation)

Module 8 HVAC Hotspots

Module 9-10 IAQ Mold Assessment for Remediators


Module 11 Protecting the Public

Module 12 PPE, Respiratory Protection & Hazcom

Module 13 Mold Remediation (30 Step Checklist)

Hands-On Mold Remediation Techniques

NCMR Proctored Examination